Publication Ethics


Jurnal Lemhannas RI is published by Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional Republik Indonesia (LEMHANNAS RI) in developing peer-reviewed scientific periodicals as contribution to knowledge of Geography, SKA (Sumber Kekayaan Alam/ Natural Resource), Demography, Ideology, Politics, Economics, Social Culture, Defense and Security. All matters related to National Resilience for the enhancement of Jurnal Lemhannas RI. All published manuscripts will be reviewed by peer review committee consists of related experts therefore the published manuscripts in accordance with editorial standard. Publishing ethic statement is written to describe the expected behavior and attitude of the peer review, editor, and author.     

This statement is based on COPE'S Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.

Scientific periodicals of Jurnal Lemhannas RI are a communication media between academics and peer review, therefore publisher has responsibility to maintain the validity and independency of published research publication, literature review, and case study. Publishing decision is purely determined by manuscript quality and not affected by sponsor or advertorial. The Blind method is applied in review process to minimize bias and subjectivity.  


    Peer review should provide recommendation to assist author for the published manuscript quality and the editor to determine editorial policy in accordance to his/ her expertise.

  1. Willingness

Peer review should provide information to the editor about their willing in reviewing the manuscripts to publish. Whereas the peer review is unwilling, he/ she should inform the editor. Peer review should provide information to editor on his/ her willingness

  1. Confidentiality 

The reviewed manuscripts are secret documents. Communication with other parties without authors consent is prohibited.

  1. Objectivity Standard

Peer review should follow the objectivity principle and avoid personal critics on the author in manuscripts review processing. All comments should include with clear and constructing suggestion.

  1. Source Clarity

Peer review is recommended to provide information to the authors on research, literature review, or relevant case study without citation, contain substantial similarity or o